We know that trust is not given, it is earned.  Our team is committed to working with passion, authenticity, competence and diligence to earn your trust. We work on an exclusive, retainer basis.

We work with clients across all sectors of the economy and with all sizes of organizations. We believe in the power of the marketplace and in the transferability of skills. We embrace a defined set of values that guide our decisions and commitments.

We like to get to know you. The better we know you, the more we can help.

We take on projects where we see potential for us to add value.  We only deliver services that we know can address your needs and lever our expertise and experience. If we cannot add value, we will tell you. If we cannot help but know others who can, we will happily refer you to others.

We approach getting to know you with curiosity and open minds. We want to understand your needs and then design and deliver service offerings crafted and costed to meet your needs. We can work as project managers or as advisors for specific aspects of client projects.

Our desire is to make it easier for employers to make important people-related decisions that impact the viability and culture of organizations. We like to work across organizations to assist with a wide range of human resources issues. Whether you are hiring a CEO or an Administrative Assistant, or promoting a Manager, or altering a compensation system, each decision has the potential to impact culture and potential for success.

For individuals, we want to support you on the journey of personal and professional development so that you clarify and realize your potential.

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