Some Thoughts for Candidates

Finding our ways in work and in life is an ever-changing journey. It helps to know ourselves well and to find those things that we are passionate about. In working with job seekers, we encourage you to "mine for gold" within. Take time to reflect about what you want more of, in life and work. And then tell the story of your vision quest and your journey in your cover letter and resume.

There are many views about resumes and cover letters and strategies for marketing oneself. We know we are one voice in the marketplace. Here are some things we look for in screening submissions from candidates:

  • A complete work history since high school
  • The dates and years you received degrees and professional certifications
  • The names of the degree-granting institutions/bodies
  • Reasons for gaps in the work history: did you travel the world?
  • A personal style in writing and organizing thoughts that is succinct yet informative and engaging

Job seeking is about finding fit, for you and an employer. It takes time for you to find the "job" that fits and time for employers to assess fit. Give yourself and the employer time to reflect. Stay in touch with our team to find out that status of a search you might have expressed an interest in.

At this point in the evolution of our company, our paying clients are comprised of employers. We are best able to assist you as a job candidate in your search by having an understanding of what kind of role you might be seeking and then contacting you proactively when one of our clients has an opportunity that may fall into the scope of what you are looking for.





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