Fostering Employee Engagement and Retention

Once a candidate joins a client organization as a new employee, it is a shared responsibility between the employer and the candidate for the hire to result in sustained success in which the employee is engaged and makes a contribution and the employer realizes the benefits of the hire.

We follow up with both the employer and employee after a hire is completed to see how things are going and to offer suggestions to support the hire.  We fully understand and respect that it is not our workplace and that we can only influence, not direct the employer-employee relationship. An employer who authentically describes the opportunities, challenges and expectations of an employee before offering the job has a better chance of the hire being sustained than one which does not share relevant information that candidates can reflect on to assess their interest in a role and their desire to accept a job offer should one be made. We enjoy working with clients over the long haul as it helps deepen our understanding of your needs and culture and what it takes to find the "right fit".

Executive coaching after a placement is made can assist the employer and employee in navigating the new relationship with ease and insight.



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